About us

We declare ourselves to be a Church of Jesus Christ, joined together to live according to His teachings and working with God’s help for the salvation of others.

We are a warm, caring and friendly fellowship with 100+ members.
Worship styles are a mixture of traditional and modern.

Our activities include morning and evening worship, house groups, brigades and serving our local community through a range of outreach activities.

We are a member of the Heart of England Baptist Association (HEBA), the Baptist Union (BU) of GB and the local multi-denominational Churches Together.

Both Home Mission and BMS are supported financially through a tithe of our offerings, by individual giving through the BMS Birthday scheme and by various fund raising events. We normally support the annual BMS Junior Church project.

 What we stand for

Chester Road is an evangelical Baptist Church. Although we rejoice in worshipping and working with other local denominations, there are several points that make us distinctive. We are committed to:
•        The authority and reliability of God's Word, the Bible;
•        The belief that baptism and church membership are for those who have “professed repentance toward God and faith in our Lord Jesus Christ”;
•        The importance and independence of the local church;
•        The spread of the Good News about Jesus Christ through following a Christian lifestyle, by expressing God's love in practical care, through personal witness and by the active support of world-wide mission.
We joyfully declare that “Jesus is Lord”. He is Lord over our individual lives, the life of our church, and the whole world.
We believe that each Christian has a duty to share their faith with others. However, we recognise that mission is not just local evangelism, but also includes promoting justice, social welfare, healing, education and peace across the world.
Covenant Promise
At the start of each year we hold a covenant service where we re-dedicate ourselves to God. 
You can read our covenant promises by clicking here.