Boys and Girls Brigades


The Girls (GB) & Boys' Brigade (BB) are International Christian Youth Organisations.

All ages (above 5) are catered for. The Brigades are a uniformed organisation built around a strong Christian ethos.
Evenings include games, badge work, creativity activities, outings and a devotional time.

The minister is Brigades' Chaplain.
The Church operates an approved Children's and Vulnerable Adults' Protection Policy.

Chester Road Baptist Church was a leader in merging the activities of the two groups for joint activities. Together they offer a wide range of activities including Games, Crafts, Sports, Christian Teaching, Music and Holidays. They help children, young people and their families to hear about Jesus throughout the year.

 The activities are suitable for all sorts of children and young people. The approach engages the whole child through spiritual, physical, educational and service based activities.  Brigade members are also encouraged to attend parade services which are held on the first Sunday of most months.

 Brigades meet on Friday evenings at the times shown below


Group Age range Time
Anchor Boys & Explorers    Reception to year 3 18.00 to 19:30
Juniors    Year 4 to year 6 18.00 to 19:30
Seniors    Year 7 to year 12 19.30 to 10:30
Amicus    Year 13 and above 19.30 to 10:30